Nationwide Road Markings Provide A Range Of Services


Thermoplastic is a very durable, hard wearing material used for road marking. It causes a minimum amount of disruption to traffic as it can be driven on almost straight away so this is the best choice for road markings.

We can provide road markings for hotels, shopping centres, golf clubs, business parks, building developments, factories, private roads, public roads, civil engineering companies, construction companies, management and maintenance companies and many more.

Some of the road markings we provide are white lines, yellow lines, pedestrian crossings, stop junctions, yield junctions, arrows, lettering and numbers, Walkman logo’s, cycle logo’s and much more.

Anti Skid

We also offer cold applied anti skid and coloured surfacing which can be used for cycle tracks, approaches to junctions and roundabouts and also driveways.

We use a hand applied two pack resin system which can be applied to tarmac, concrete and asphalt. It is covered in the chosen coloured aggregate. Usually it is covered in 1-3mm Chinese bauxite aggregate to provide a strong anti skid surface on roads. For cycle tracks it is usually covered in 1-3mm red coloured aggregate.

For driveways there is a wide range of different aggregate’s available. When the resin is applied to the surface and the aggregate is evenly spread on top it is then left to cure and once cured the loose stone is swept off and you are left with a quality finished surface.

Playground Markings

Here at Nationwide Road Markings we know how educational playground markings are.
Playground markings are an essential part of your school playground because they encourage children to socialise and also help to keep children active and fit. Our products will transform your school playground from dull to colourful & fun for all your students to share and enjoy.

We use high quality preformed thermoplastic playground markings which are anti-slip & durable.
We will work around your school calendar year to suit your needs.


Our anti slip products range from anti slip paints in various colours to anti slip step edges.
They can be used both indoor & outdoor.

Resin Bonded Stone Driveways

Resin Bonded Stone surfacing can be applied to existing concrete or tarmac base. The surface is low maintenance, anti slip and durable. There is a wide variety of natural coloured aggregates available and range from 1mm to 6mm.

The Process

Firstly the exiting surface is throughly cleaned and prepared. Then a resin (glue) is spread over the existing surface and the chosen aggregate is scattered on top. When cured the loose stone is swept away leaving a textured finish which is anti slip and very low maintenance.